Pre-OSCP reading list




Gathering some good ol’ links here that should be beneficial in some way for my pursuit of the OSCP. Got many of these links from other people and from scrolling through reddit r/asknetsec, r/netsecstudents.


Template intermediate lab documentation

OSCP-2 Codingo Github
Reconnoitre – Codingo Github

Reverse shells

Creating Metasploit Payloads

Spawning a TTY Shell

Privilege escalation in general

Windows privilege escalation

Windows Privilege Escalation Methods for Pentesters

Well, That Escalated Quickly…

Linux privilege escalation

A guide to Linux Privilege Escalation

Buffer overflow – Windows

Simple Buffer Overflows

Buffer overflow – Linux


Dynamic Port Forwarding (SSH)


Offensive Security Certified Professional – Lab and Exam Review

Misc links

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