eLearnSecurity WAPTv3 training begins

There is a saying in the Marine Corps that many Marines follow: “Complacency kills”. This essentially means that once you let your guard down and get comfortable, that’s when you’re at your most vulnerable. When you’re vulnerable, that’s when things can go sideways real quick.

I think it is important to hold onto this mindset in many facets of life, but especially Cybersecurity. The mind needs to be constantly sharpened and honed to be at its peak performance. Because of that, I’ve decided to keep the ball rolling and enroll in eLearnSecurity’s WAPTv3 course.

As I finished the OSCP, I knew that there is gaps in knowledge that Offensive Security does not teach. It doesn’t teach Active Directory testing, and the Web App testing is nothing to write home about. I know fully well that I need to work on these important skills. Because of that, I created a few tutorials and worked on some AD exploitation, which can be found here. Now it is time for me to learn Web App testing so I am not useful when the time comes to start working in my first pentest job.

I will probably do one or two similar posts as before like I did with the OSCP. Maybe write about a couple things I did to prepare, lab environments I may create on my own, and things I wish I knew before I took on this course / certification. Either way, here I go again!

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